I’ve written two books for the popular ‘What’s Your Excuse?’ series – both small, stylish paperbacks that will boost motivation. Also ideal as gifts.


Being More Productive

Do you struggle to manage time? Are you eager to stop procrastinating and be more productive?

Certified coach and professional organiser Juliet Landau-Pope is an expert on motivation. The key, she believes, is to review the excuses we make while avoiding important tasks. In her debut book. she outlines common excuses and explores the stories that underpin then. Then she offers fresh perspectives to shift your mindset and kick start you into action. So if you’re dreading a deadline or feel overwhelmed by a to-do list, don’t despair. Order this book now!

£8.99 (including p+p)


Clearing Your Clutter

Are you overwhelmed by clutter? Keen to get organised but unsure where to start?

Certified coach and professional organiser Juliet Landau-Pope has helped hundreds of people to shift habits as well as surplus stuff.  So she understands why decluttering can be daunting. In this innovative book, she outlines the excuses that people make for not decluttering.  Then she offers new interpretations, ones that boost motivation and create lasting change. Step by step, this book will help you to clear your clutter and simplify your life.

£8.99 (including p+p)

“Juliet’s warm and accessible writing style will inspire you to put down your to-do list and achieve even your least favourite task. She guides us past every obstacle to help us reach our goals. You will be inspired!”

Marcia Plumb, Rabbi and educator

“This is a very useful and easy-to-read book, It guides the reader, using lots of interesting anecdotes and quotes, to discover why it is that they individually procrastinate. Just don’t put off buying it!”

Simon Michaelson - Psychiatrist, CBT therapist and communication skills tutor

“This may be the only organising book you will ever need! Juliet has the experience and the insight to help readers to understand their relationship with clutter, and practical tips to put to immediate use for instant results”

Laurene Livesey Park, Institute for Challenging Disorganization

“This is a brilliant book! Because it is not only unequivocal in its approach but also because it addresses the subjective, emotional and thinking parts of ourselves. Simply written, to the point, great advice.”

Stelios Kiosses , Psychotherapist & presenter of 'The Hoarder Next Door' (Channel 4)