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I’ve written two books for the popular What’s Your Excuse? series: Being More Productive (published in Sept 2017) and Clearing Your Clutter (out in March 2018). Order them directly here. Available for kindle via Amazon UK, too.

What’s Your Excuse for not Being More Productive?

Overcome your excuses, stop procrastinating, get things done

Do you struggle to organise your time at home, at work or while studying? Do you spend too much time planning and not enough time getting things done? Or do you procrastinate when you have important tasks to tackle?

Certified coach and professional organiser Juliet-Landau Pope outlines the stories you might be telling yourself to explain why you’re not being as productive as you’d like, and offers practical advice, ideas and inspiration to kickstart you into action.

£9.99 (including postage & packing)

“If you’re a serial procrastinator, this book is for you. Escape the excuses and start doing whatever it is you need to do. It feels great!”

Lucinda Hutton, Director, Nurturing Mums

“This is a very useful and easy-to-read book, It guides the reader, using lots of interesting anecdotes and quotes, to discover why it is that they individually procrastinate. Just don’t put off buying it!”

Simon Michaelson - Psychiatrist, CBT therapist and communication skills tutor

What’s Your Excuse for not Clearing Your Clutter?

Overcome your excuses, simplify your life, make space for what matters

Are you overwhelmed by clutter? Is there too much stuff in your home or workplace? Then this is the book for you.

Certified coach and professional organiser Juliet-Landau Pope outlines the stories you tell yourself to explain why you’re unable to clear clutter from your home and from life. She shares practical advice and motivational tips to help you get unstuck and create positive changes.

Don’t know where to start? Too attached to things? Don’t like change? Overcome all of these excuses and many more. Simplify your life, feel calmer and more organised and make space for new projects and experiences.

Available in March 2018