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Why do study skills and exam revision matter?

Exams are stressful
… especially if you’re unsure HOW to revise

Gearing up for GCSE or A Level exams? Or trying to study at home? If you haven’t developed certain skills, you may struggle with the workload.

Without a plan, you’ll find it difficult to stay on top of revision. If papers are disorganised, you’ll waste time looking for resources. And if you’re prone to procrastination, you’ll sabotage your own efforts. But the good news is that study skills can be developed. And when you discover strategies that work best for you, there’s no limit to your success.

Most importantly, when you understand what revision entails, you’ll be equipped to study more effectively. And you’ll avoid the most common mistakes that students make before and during exams.

That’s why time management, organising and revision skills are so vital.

Study skills not only enhance academic performance and exam results; they also boost motivation and confidence. And whatever your career path, study skills improve personal productivity. Ultimately, as I often say, study skills are life skills too.

So my aim is to coach students to become active, independent learners. And I share tips with parents on how to support teens during these testing times.

Services include:

  • Coaching for individual students (by phone/zoom)
  • Webinars for students from Year 7 upwards – see Events
  • Workshops in schools or colleges
  • Talks for parents/carers on how to help teens prepare for exams

What are study skills?

  • Planning a study schedule and managing time
  • Setting goals and monitoring progress
  • Organising materials, especially paperwork
  • Taking notes and creating revision resources
  • Overcoming procrastination and perfectionism
  • Improving focus and boost memory
  • Writing and editing academic assignments
  • Managing stress before, during and after exams

Studying at home?

Were your studies disrupted by Covid-19?

It’s an unsettling time for teens and young adults. And there’s still a great deal of uncertainty about the impact on schools, colleges and universities.

So how best to prepare for the next academic year? No doubt, this is an ideal time to brush up on study skills. And perhaps to explore strategies to plan, prioritise and stop procrastinating.

As a former Open University lecturer, I’m an expert in online and blended learning models. And I understand the challenges -practical and motivational – of studying independently.

Do get in touch to find out how I can help you or your teens.


To arrange a talk for parents or students,  call 078178 33319  or email

“My son found your sessions very helpful, and I’m glad to see that he’s making more effort to plan and to get more organised.”

Parent of Year 10 student, East Finchley

“I’m feeling so much more confident about exam revision since I came to your workshop. Thanks for all the great advice.”

Year 12 student, Muswell Hill

“My daughter found the workshop really useful and learnt new methods of studying. Thank you.”

Parent of Year 7 student, Mill Hill

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