I’m a media-friendly expert, ready to speak, write or comment on any of the following topics:

  • Time management and productivity
  • Procrastination and perfectionism
  • Changing habits and understanding social trends
  • Study skills and exam revision

Whether you’re looking for in-depth insights or a quick quote, I’m happy to help. Check out my recent coverage:

Productivity and Habit Change

5 Ways to Stop Procrastinating according to a Productivity Coach, Stylist, Nov 2023

18 ‘Helpful’ Mantras That We Need to Stop Using, National World, July 2023

Why Pointless Meetings Are So Bad For Us and How We Can Make Them Better, Stylist, May 2023

14 Ways Our Workplaces Are Changing, National World, May 2023

Procrastinating At Work – You Might Just Be Tired, Stylist, May 2023

Bare Minimum Mondays – Tik Tok Trend: what it is, why people are doing it and what do experts say about it? National World, March 2023

Productivity Paralysis, Stylist, March 2023

Is Using the Pomodoro Technique an Effective Way to Boost Productivity? We Asked the Experts, Stylist, March 2023

Struggling to Focus After Lunch? Here’s Why and What You Can Do About It? Stylist, Feb 2023

Why Novelty Could Really Be The Key to Overcoming Distraction, Stylist, Jan 2023

Struggling to Maintain New Year Resolutions Already? Try These 5-Minute Hacks to Boost Productivity and Motivation, Stylist, Jan 2023

How to Set New Year Resolutions, National World, Jan 2023

Black Friday 2022: What is Buy Nothing Day?   National World, Nov 2022. I shared insights into Buy Nothing Day and explained its importance as an antidote to the shopping frenzy of Black Friday

How Micro-Habits Can Improve Your Productivity, Stylist, Oct 2022. I explain why we need habit and why they’re often so difficult to change

Where Do New Year Resolutions Come From? Readers’ Digest, Jan 2022. My tips on how to make resolutions that work

Almost Half of Brits Struggle to Pay Attention During Sex Yahoo! Life, Jan 2022. Tips on how to manage distractions and improve focus during sex and other activities

Psychology Experts Explain the Sudden Obsession with Wordle Insider, Jan 2022. Featuring my insights into this trend and how it relates to productivity and wellbeing

Set Your E-Boundaries Waitrose Health, Jan 2022, pp 78-79. Includes my productivity tips and auto-replies to manage inbox overload

Virtual Assistants Lift the Lid on Bizarre Requests Daily Mail, Sept 2021. Interviewed about hiring a virtual assistant to enhance productivity

These Ideas Can Help You Run a More Efficient Home Huffington Post, July 2019. Tips on planning and prioritising

How to Overcome Procrastination Happiful Magazine, May 2018. My contribution as a guest expert in this leading mental health and wellbeing magazine

Untidy desk, untidy mind? Time to Call In a Professional Declutterer The Guardian, Jan 2017. Tips on organising a home office to improve productivity, together with a client case study

How to Stop Faffing and Get Things Done Jewish Chronicle, Sept 2017. Tips to beat procrastination at home, at work or while studying

Making a To-Do List That Does the Business The Guardian, Nov 2015. Productivity tips for small business owners

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone – says Dame Twiggy Yahoo News, Dec 2021. Reflections on why we get ‘set in our ways’ and how to shift habits

Family Treasures in the Attic Women’s Weekly, July 2021. What I discovered while sorting out my late mother’s belongings

Staying on Top of Life Admin, Ideal Home, April 2020. My top tips for tackling life admin and household tasks

Top Tips on Getting Life Admin Tasks Done Daily Mirror, March 2020. Tips to boost personal productivity

Make Smart Decisions Closer magazine, Feb 2020. Tips to stop over-shopping and become a more mindful consumer

Workers ‘lack the self-confidence to achieve dream of switching jobs’ Evening Standard, Jan 2017, Comments on decision making and career changes

Decluttering and Organising

How to Declutter Your Home – The New Rules for 2023, Good Housekeeping, March 2023

How to Reset Your Home and Effectively Tidy Your House, Stylist, Feb 2023

5 Ways to Declutter Your Life in Time for Spring (Without Regretting It Later), Stylist, Feb 2023

11 Tips to Declutter Your Bathroom Quickly According to Organization Experts, Woman & Home, Jan 2023

‘I’m a Shopping Expert. This is How to Handle Unwanted Gifts’ Interviewed in Newsweek magazine! Dec 2022.

Spring Clean Your Mind – Declutter to De-Stress  Mind Over Matter magazine of the Women’s Brain Health Initiative (p 6-8) Nov 2022. I’m proud to be quoted alongside global procrastination expert Dr Joseph Ferrari in this article about the benefits of decluttering.

How to Declutter your Home this Winter The Sunday Times, Oct 2021 (paywall). Interview about virtual organising and tips on how to declutter after bereavement

How to Improve Your Home during Lockdown Financial Times, April 2020. A few of my top decluttering tips

Home Clear-out Tips: how to declutter before downsizing The Times, March 2020 (paywall). Interviewed about the benefits of decluttering during lockdown and the virtual organising service that I offer

Clutter-Free Yule The Daily Telegraph, Dec 2019. My tips on what to give Marie Kondo devotees for Christmas

Ten Easy Ways to Declutter Your Bedroom Good Housekeeping, Nov 2016

Revive Your Space Top Sante Feb 2016. Insights into the health benefits of decluttering and organising

Why Children Rule The Roost The Mail on Sunday, May 2015. Comments on multi-generational housing trends

This Year, Join The Space Race Daily Telegraph, Jan 2015

Tasks to do now for prepare for spring The Times, Feb 2014 (paywall). Home decluttering tips

Ich häng’ an DirAusmisten als Therapie: Aufräum-Coach Juliet Landau-Pope packt aus Emotion, Nov 2015. Interview about my decluttering business for this German-language magazine

Weg mit dem Zeug Brand Eins, 2012. Interviewed for this German-language business magazine

Radio & TV

BBC Radio 4, Jenny Eclair is Listless Today Interviewed by comedian Jenny Éclair about manging to-do lists (March 2020)

BBC Radio 4 Have Your Reached Peak Stuff. Interviewed on You & Yours consumer programme about over-shopping and what to do with unwanted gifts (Dec 2017)

Islam TV, Living the Life, (Feb 2014)



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