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Is there too much on your to-do list?

At home, at work, or while studying, you’re under pressure to be productive. Yet it’s often a struggle to get things done.  Especially when dealing with other changes in your life. So let’s talk about what’s getting in the way. Overwhelm. Perfectionism. Indecision. They drain energy. And lead to frustration. Above all, disorganisation is so demoralising.

The good news is that organising skills can be learned. And habits – like clutter – can be shifted. As a productivity expert, I’ll not only kick start you into action; I’ll also coach you to develop new routines. As a result you’ll feel more confident and ready for next steps.

I’m a certified coach with an academic teaching background.  Since 2008, I’ve become one of the foremost professional organisers in the UK.  Nowadays, I coach teens and young adults from diverse backgrounds. For instance, I help busy professionals to plan and prioritise. And I teach students how to get organised and revise for exams. In brief, I share practical strategies and motivational tips to boost productivity. In addition, I lead innovative training in person and online.

So wherever you are in the world, I’m here to help. Do get in touch to discuss:


Overcoming Procrastination

Workshops for busy people


Study Skills & Exam Revision

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Training for Professional Organisers

Webinars for professional organisers


My books


Being More Productive

Do you avoid important tasks? Desperate to get more done at home, at work or while studying?

If so, you need this book! It outlines the most common excuses that people make when procrastinating.

And for each excuse, it offers practical tips to boost motivation.

So stop making excuses. Learn to be more productive. Don’t delay (!). Order it today.

Available in print and for kindle via Amazon UK

Or order directly.


Clearing Your Clutter

Is there too much stuff in your home? Are you keen to clear clutter but unsure where to start?

If so, this is the book for you!

Productivity coach Juliet Landau-Pope lists the most common obstacles to decluttering.

And for each challenge she offers practical tips and solutions.

So stop making excuses. Take the first steps. And prepare to shift habits as well as surplus stuff!

Available in good bookshops and via Amazon UK

Or order directly

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