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Productivity Coaching & Study Skills

What is productivity coaching?

At home, at work, or while studying, you’re under pressure to get things done. Yet it’s often a struggle, especially without a plan.

Procrastination. Perfectionism. Indecision. They drain energy and lead to frustration. Above all, disorganisation can be so demoralising.

For teens and young adults these challenges can be particularly acute.

The good news is that organising skills can be learned. And habits – like clutter – can be shifted.

Productivity coaching not only kick starts you into action; it also helps to develop new routines. As a result you’ll feel more confident and ready for next steps.

What are study skills?

I’m a certified coach with an academic teaching background.  And in 2008 I launched JLP Coach to combine coaching, training and professional organising.  My aim was not only to share effective study strategies, but also to help young people to develop skills for life.

Since then I’ve coached teens and young adults from diverse backgrounds. And I’ve developed a particular expertise in overcoming procrastination. Because I’m convinced that learning HOW to study makes all the difference.

In addition, I help busy professionals to plan, prioritise and focus on what matters most. In brief, I share practical strategies and motivational tips to boost productivity.

What services do I offer?

I offer a portfolio of services to support students, parents and professionals.  Most of my work now is virtual. So wherever you are in the world, I’m here to help. Do get in touch to discuss:


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