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Juliet Landau-Pope PCC

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Time Management and Productivity  

How to boost productivity?

At work, at home or while studying, there’s constant pressure to manage time more wisely. We all aspire to be less busy and more productive. Yet it’s often a struggle. And when deadlines loom

Procrastination. Perfectionism. Indecision. Distractions. Lack of focus – these all fuel frustration and undermine confidence. As habits become entrenched, self-limiting beliefs get in the way too. The good news is that organising and time management can be improved. Indeed, they’re skills that can be taught. With guidance and support, you can learn to stop procrastinating. That’s the aim of productivity coaching.

And do you know how to study?

At school, college or university, exams are stressful. Especially if you’re unsure how to revise.

For teens, the pressure of preparing for multiple GCSEs and A Levels can be overwhelming. For research students, writing a dissertation or thesis often leads to anxiety. It’s tough too for adult learners studying for professional qualifications while working and/or juggling other responsibilities.

Planning a study schedule. Dealing with distractions. Managing workload. Meeting deadlines – the challenges can seem endless. And uncertainty about HOW to study undermines motivation and self-confidence.

But fortunately study skills and time management can be learned.

Discover how to get organised and prepare for exams. And explore strategies that help you to study smart, not just hard.

In sum, you’ll gain more than academic success. Because ultimately study skills are life skills too.

How can I help you to stop procrastinating and be more productive?

I’m a certified coach with an academic background, a published author, expert speaker and one of the UK’s leading professional organisers. Since founding JLP Coach in 2008, I’ve developed a portfolio of services to help people from diverse backgrounds to stop procrastinating, shift habits and be more productive.

From coaching and training to writing and speaking, I work online and in person. So wherever you are in the world, I’m here to help via:

Don’t delay (!), call me now on 078178 33319 or email

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