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For parents of students entering Yr 11

GCSE Exams & Assessments 2021: what’s new?

  • How has Covid-19 affected GCSEs
  • What changes to expect in 2021
  • How to help your teen deal with stress and uncertainty
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Stop procrastinating while studying

Time management for teens

  • Recognising procrastination
  • How to start important tasks
  • Maintaining motivation
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Supporting your teen before exams

Top tips for parents

  • How to motivate your teen to study
  • How to promote independent, active learning
  • Organising and time management skills
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Revision skills for GCSE exams: strategies for Year 11

  • How to get organised and plan revision
  • Overcoming procrastination and managing distractions
  • Making notes and boosting memory
  • Managing stress before exams

How to help teens to get organised and prepare for exams?

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