Juliet Landau-Pope



“Juliet helped me turn a corner with my clutter.  I learnt a lot from just one session – it really empowered me and gave me the mental tools and momentum to keep up the process. Attending her workshops a year later was also a useful boost, and a chance to set goals and share ideas with a supportive group.”  MS, Finchley

“As an archetypal clutterer, I’ve always lived with piles of books and papers.  It was manageable when I lived on my own but now, with a young child and partner in a small 2-bedroom flat, I decided to take action! Juliet assessed the situation without judgement. From her 1st visit, she made practical and helpful suggestions. She helped us rearrange our living space and took away bags of stuff for recycling and donation to charity shops.  Juliet also helped me see I could let go of stuff with more ease.” Beth Follini, Dulwich

“I hired Juliet twice – once to declutter my children’s playroom and once for my office. Juliet is totally trustworthy, reassuring and is a fabulous listener. She works with efficiency and skill, and allows you to really wonder why on earth you kept all that junk for so long. I suspect Juliet will be asked by Seb Coe to sort out the clutter of 2012 and I can wholeheartedly recommend her.” Ronit Knoble, Muswell Hill

“Juliet brings fun and laughter to decluttering but  stays intuitively attentive to the emotional demands of this often life-changing process. Moreover she is socially and ecologically conscientious and genuinely loves her work. I can’t recommend her enough!” SA, Maida Vale

“Juliet is a highly compassionate yet focused coach who is taking the decluttering world by storm. A rare breed -she combines her natural zest for space and clam with her hugely powerful coaching skills – and gets great results! If you want to declutter your home or life – employ Juliet.” Sue Belton, Crouch End

Life Coaching     

“Juliet repeatedly manages to get to the core of an issue without you noticing she’s done so!  Having her clarity, support and enthusiastic encouragement has been very helpful.  EC, Finchley

“I just wanted to say thank you for your guidance, although over a short period of time, it certainly helped me to see the wood for the trees when I needed it most!” SH, Crouch End

“Juliet’s coaching was very helpful in challenging my natural inertia. Her honesty, integrity and enthusiasm to encourage change continue to inspire me to reflect on what is really important, and to make changes one day at a time”. SC, Finchley

“Coaching was extremely helpful and clarified many things. As I write this, I feel full of energy and enthusiasm, and filled with positivity.” JC, Barnet